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Cardio vs. Weight Training
As you increase your muscle mass you burn more fat. It is a simple concept, but one that many aerobics addicts seem to miss in their quest for leaner bodies.

For those that want to lose fat, aerobic activity isn’t enough. Yes you burn calories by doing cardiovascular activity, and yes it is an important part of a body fat reduction, but it is only half the story.

If you were to jump on a treadmill and hammer out a few miles, how many calories will you burn? Well, on average, between 600 to 800 calories. But considering you swallowed down just as many with your morning bagel, can you really expect to make progress? Granted, you still burn energy when you are off that treadmill, but if you really want to get serious about body fat reduction you need to start lifting weights. Read More...
Fat vs. Muscle
It is a very important concept that many people do not fully understand. Our very language continues to promote the misunderstanding – people still say they want to ‘lose weight’ when in fact what they really want to do is ‘lose fat’.

Overweight as a term is really a misnomer. You could have two people of equal heights, who both weigh 150lbs. One could look puffy and unhealthy, while the other looks fit and lean. Why? Quite simply – muscle tissue weighs more than the equivalent amount of fat tissue.

Whereas muscle itself utilizes energy, fat is simply stored energy – it is your reserve tank of fuel. We do require some fat stores, but excess fat is not only unnecessary, it is dangerous. And it impedes movement. Muscle is the opposite – useful for a number of purposes, including strength and support, speed and agility. It assists with movement. Read More...

Stay Hydrated
Drinking water during workouts is critical for long-term success in the gym. The wonders of water go beyond providing you with hydration for daily function. 

You see, this miracle called water is a critical substance that is a lubricant for your muscles, joints, and vital organs. Without sufficient water in your system your muscles will lack flexibility, your mind may stiffen, and your body temperature may become irregular. As a primary substance that transports oxygen and glucose throughout your body, water is a primary ingredient for producing energy. 

It’s important not to substitute water with juices and other drinks. Other drinks are not necessarily bad as long as you are taking in a healthy amount of water throughout the day. The take home; There is no substitute for water.  Read More...